Thursday, January 22, 2015

C-by-C and What It Means (Day 0)

"Coined by Calm" is an anagram of "Bicycle Nomad," and I call it C-by-C for short.

It starts as an intermittent fictional journal of a dream of a lifestyle, a lifestyle I feel a yearning to live in truth. So it's based in truth, in reality, on a landscape that really exists in a mind that really wants to exist there. And by intermittent, I mean that the Day 1 entry will be posted tomorrow, and the Day 30 entry will be posted 30 days later. There will be no jumping ahead.

The moments within it are fictional. The days chronicled haven't happened... yet. The campsites are wholly imagined.

But the dream is real. The capacity to attain the dream is real. The supply list and luggage volume are real. The bicycle and the trailer are real.

One day, if we're both lucky, I'll get to live like this and you'll get to read what it's like.

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