Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 2

Saying that I slept well last night would be a lie. Despite knowing that what I'm doing isn't illegal, and despite not running into anyone giving me suspicious looks, I still had an almost overwhelming feeling that someone was going to come by, tear down my tent, and either send me home or haul me down to the nearest police station.

Nobody did either of those things, but I still slept lightly and intermittently.

It's not my first night in my tent or my sleeping bag, and not my first time camping. I've spent a fair number of sound nights "camping" in my apartment, and almost as many childhood memories outside on the school campus. In the first scenario, I was on my own property, albeit rented; in the second scenario, I was on private property that I was invited to, and not alone.

Here and now, I'm on what is supposed to be public property, I'm outside in a state I haven't spent a considerable amount of time in, and I'm alone.

I just have to remember that it will get easier, and I'll get more comfortable. I'm not doing anything wrong.

Entry written: 2015-01-22

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